5G Health Risks

In a newly published paper in the Toxicology Letters, researchers and scientists from Greece, Russia, Canada and the USA contend that all prior testing of 5G has been ‘flawed’.

The 5th Generation of Wireless, 5G utilizes high frequency, millimeter wave radiation that differs greatly from the type of radiation used in preceding Generations of Wireless. With no formal, long-term Pre-Market Testing to verify its safety, many in the science world are taking a closer look at 5G and the testing that authorities are using to green-light its roll-out.

These scientists are not liking what they see.

According to these researchers, 5G radiation needs to be studied within ‘real-life’ conditions, as opposed to the laboratory conditions that tests have been conducted in. The laboratory conditions set up for 5G testing, according to this paper, are not accurate and are skewing the final results of the tests.

The non-profit EMF Watchdog Group, the Environmental Health Trust, agrees:

The researchers point out that most laboratory experiments were not designed to identify the more severe adverse effects reflective of real-life conditions. For example, they do not include the real-life pulsing and modulation of the carrier signal and do not reflect the real life exposures of various modulations.”

5G radiation, when in use, is pulsed. Pulsed radiation behaves differently from non-pulsed radiation and tends to penetrate deeper into the body. To date, any testing on 5G has failed to replicate its pulsed frequency.

In addition, testing of 5G has tested the radiation in isolated environments. According to the authors of this paper, 5G needs to be tested in an environment that mimics real-life and has other ‘stressors’ present.

Science has found there is a synergistic effect when it comes to toxins, also referred to as ‘stressors’. If a certain toxin is present in a person’s environment, such as wireless radiation, and if there is the presence of another toxin, such as mold or radon, a ‘synergistic’ effect happens. The two toxins together become greater than the sum of their parts and their adverse effect becomes amplified.

According to the Environmental Health Trust:

“…the vast majority of experiments do not account for synergistic adverse effects of other toxic stimuli with wireless radiation despite the reality that people are exposed to a myriad of toxic insults every day.”

In their rush to roll-out this new 5th Generation of Wireless, authorities are failing to take into account the action of pulsed radiation on the body along with the occurrence of other toxins in our environments, when determining the health implications of 5G.

On the synergistic effect of toxins, the Environmental Health Trust had this to say:

“Combined exposure to a toxic stimuli and wireless translates into much lower levels of tolerance for each toxic stimulus and the exposure limits for wireless radiation when examined in combination with other potentially toxic stimuli would be far lower for safety purposes than those derived from wireless radiation exposures in isolation.”

According to the authors of the published paper, all prior studies done on 5G have been flawed due to their ‘testing’ the radiation in isolation – without any additional stressors – as well as failing to replicate the pulsed modulation of the radiation.

The authors point out that basing safety standards on testing that does not recreate real-life conditions is not a legitimate scientific approach and that these studies should not be allowed to be used to determine any metrics regarding 5G and its roll-out.

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