EMF Exposure

To understand why EMF exposure is harmful to your health, it is first necessary to understand how your body truly functions.

We all know the basics of how our bodies work.

The heart pumps our blood, our livers detox our blood, our marrow makes our blood, our kidneys filter our blood, and our brains send signals via our network of nerves to our muscles and organs, instructing them on what to do.

Our body is constantly working, even when we sleep.

But, how our bodies truly function and get all of these jobs done is not really talked about – or even widely understood.


Electromagnetism is a field of physics. It is defined as “the study of the interaction that happens between particles with an electric charge that are in an electromagnetic field”.

In simple terms, it is the combination of electricity and magnetism and what results when the two come together.

Electromagnetism really began to flourish between the 1820s and the 1870s. It sparked the Industrial Revolution and laid the foundation for all of the technology that has been created ever since.

From batteries, to car motors, to the electric telegraph and the electric light, electromagnetism was the field of science that produced these innovations.

Scientists such as Michael Faraday, Samuel B. Morse, Nikola Tesla and Albert Einstein were all working within the field of electromagnetism when they made their groundbreaking discoveries.


While the brilliant scientific minds of the 17th and 18th centuries used their discoveries in electromagnetism to harness the power of electricity and to create advances in technology, it was a modern US medical doctor by the name of Robert Becker that applied electromagnetism to our understanding of the body and its ability to heal and regenerate – or be harmed by artificial electromagnetic frequencies.

This field of science is called bioelectromagnetism.

Bioelectromagnetism is defined “as the study of the interaction between electromagnetic fields and biological entities. Areas of study include electromagnetic fields produced by living cells, tissues or organisms, the effects of man-made sources of electromagnetic fields like mobile phones, and the application of electromagnetic radiation toward therapies for the treatment of various conditions.”

The Ancient Mayans, Greeks and Egyptians were recorded to have experimented with bioelectromagnetism through the use of magnetic rocks, such as magnetite, to find ways to keep the body well and to help it to heal.

Dr. Robert Becker was a medical doctor and a scientific researcher who was born in 1923. He taught as a professor at the State University of New York in Syracuse and was the Director of Orthopedic Surgery at a Veteran’s Administration Hospital in Syracuse, NY.

His work in bioelectromagnetism is what he became most known for. He is also known for being the first “anti-EMF activism”. He famously opposed the erection of high-voltage power lines on the premise the high EMF charge would cause illness to those living near them.

The Bioelectric Body

The Body Electric: Electromagnetism and the Foundation of Life, was written by Dr. Becker in 1998 – but was not accepted by the mainstream science world.

The book tells the “fascinating story of our bioelectric selves”. Dr. Becker shows in the book the ability of focused electromagnetic frequencies to create healing and regeneration in the body.

In the book, Dr. Becker documents the regrowing of a salamander limb. Salamanders are known to be able to regenerate limbs. Dr. Becker monitors the electromagnetic charge that is going on during the regrowth of the limb and is able to modify the limb regenerating through electric current.

He goes on to show in the book how the human body is electric in nature and utilizes electromagnetic charges to function.

From the beating of the heart, the working of the brain, and the signaling of our nerves, Dr. Becker reveals that all cellular communication is taking place electrically.

Biochemical vs Bioelectric

The current model of the body for health is biochemical, looking at how chemical substances affect bodily functions.

In his book, Dr. Becker makes the case that the body is really bioelectric -and that it is electrical current that governs the working of the body.

Of course, this challenged the current established mechanistic view of the body and health.

Dr. Becker worked tirelessly to promote the theory that it is electricity that is vital to organic life. He faced many struggles and much opposition in science circles. Which is why his work is not currently accepted in the established sciences – and is not even very well known.

Dr. Becker’s work in bioelectromagnetism pointed to the day when electricity could be used to heal and regenerate the body.

His work also pointed to the detrimental health effects of artificial electromagnetic fields created by technology on our bodies.

Earth’s Electromagnetic Fields

The earth produces its own EMF field.

This is a natural energy field which is conducive to the health of all life on the planet – animal and plant. The resonance of the earth is known to improve the strength of the human body and even to facilitate healing of the body.

When the natural EMF field of the earth is blocked, organic life has been shown to suffer. Unpublished experiments have been done with plants that have been shielded from the natural electromagnetic field of the earth. Over time, the plants wither and die.

Man-Made Electromagnetic Fields

Man-made, artificial electromagnetic fields have been found to have the opposite effect from natural fields on the body.

Research has shown these man-made fields are stressful to the body and result in an overall weakening of the body. Over time, the continued exposure to a stressor can result in a decrease in health and wellness.

In Dr. Becker’s 1990 book Cross Currents: The Perils of Electropollution, he talks about the electromagnetic fields coming from power lines, radar, microwave ovens, VDTs, satellites, radios, and even electric blankets as having the potential to cause serious health issues.

New published research since the 1990s have found correlations between EMF exposure and an increase in cancer, birth defects, learning disabilities, depression, Alzheimer’s, chronic fatigue syndrome, strokes and even sudden infant death syndrome.

This new research done on EMFs since the 90s is what allowed the EMF Watchdog group the Environmental Health Trust to bring the FCC to court over what they consider to be outdated EMF safety guidelines – and win. The FCC safety guidelines regarding EMF exposure have not been updated since the mid 90s.

EHT showed that there is new evidence showing the harm EMFs cause to the body and that the FCC needs to update their safety guidelines – by making them more stringent – to reflect this new evidence.

How EMF Exposure Harms Us

The study of bioelectromagnetism helps us to understand why these artificial electromagnetic frequencies are so detrimental to health.

According to the science of bioelectromagnetism, the body is running on electricity much like a battery. All cellular communication and nerve signaling is done via electricity.

When the body’s innate electrical charges are confused by EMF exposure, cellular communication becomes inefficient. Suddenly, bodily systems are not working optimally – and we begin to experience symptoms.

Studies show that cell phone radiation causes our blood to thicken. This thickening of our blood can lead to irregular heart beats.

Nerve signals have also been shown in studies to be effected by exposure to EMFs, as the nervous system functions electrically. This can result in numbness in limbs, pins and needles, and overall neurological fatigue.

Over time, continual and chronic EMF exposure has found to have the potential to lead to more serious health concerns, with cancer being among them.

Making EMFs Biocompatible

The attempt to block or shield electromagnetic frequencies is an approach that has limitations.

If a device needs to be used, such as a wireless router or a cell phone, the act of truly blocking the signal will render the technology unusable. If the technology being blocked still is able to connect to a signal and be used, this means it is not actually being fully blocked and is now increasing the strength of its signal to overcome the attempted blocking action.

An increased signal strength means an increase in radiation.

Modifying the influence of electromagnetic radiations is a more sophisticated approach to EMF protection, and one that is found in nature.

While there are certain clays and minerals that are able to alter EMFs, the ancient carbon based stone known as Shungite is unique in its ability to modify the frequencies until they no longer produce stress in the body.

In science, this is referred to as making the frequencies biocompatible.

Through its unique molecular carbon composition, the ancient stone absorbs and then transforms the stressful EMFs into frequencies that are no longer stressful to the body but rather beneficial.

These new beneficial frequencies strengthen the body. This can be tested at home using basic Muscle Testing.

At Home Muscle Testing

While many Naturopaths will perform Behavioral Kinesiology for their patients, anyone can perform basic Muscle Testing at home with a partner.

Cell Phone Muscle Testing

Find a partner. Stand with your right arm out to the side, so it is even with your shoulder.

Hold an active cell phone in your left hand. Have your partner stand in front of you, placing one hand on your left shoulder, and the other hand on your arm that is extended.

Have them push down your extended arm while you try to resist. Holding the active cell phone, you will not be able to resist the pressure and your arm will get pushed down.

Now, place a Shungite Cell Phone Tab on your phone and hold it in place. Have your partner test you again. You will be stronger and able to resist your partner pushing your arm down.

Making EMFs you are exposed to on a daily basis biocompatible with your own body’s electromagnetic field through the process of modification is a practical approach to EMF exposure which can be done affordably and simply using a natural carbon-based stone.

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