Dr. Samuel Milham is a published author of many articles on the dangers of electromagnetic field exposure, as well as the author of the book “Dirty Electricity: Electrfication and the Diseases of Civilization”. His articles have appeared in countless medical journals and he has served as an expert witness in several court cases related to EMFs.

One of the cases for which Dr. Milham’s legal counsel was sought was for a case involving a cluster of Male Breast Cancer within one office.

According to statistics, Male Breast Cancer has been on the rise in western countries. While many alternative health advocates cite high estrogen levels found in men as the main culprit, Dr. Milham found otherwise.

Dr, Milhan’s findings were published in 2004 in the American Journal of Industrial Medicine.

In his published article he writes,

“Three men who worked in a basement office on a large municipal office building in the southwest US have been diagnosed with breast cancer in the last ten years. The building was opened in 1985 and two of the men began working there that year. From the building’s opening, problems with vibrating computer screens were reported in this office. This led to the identification of an adjacent electrical switchgear room as the source of magnetic fields as high as 92 mG (milliguass) measured in this office. Most offices will have magnetic fields below 3 mG. The men recognized that it was unusual that three of them would develop the same rare disease and associated their disease with the office electrical environment. They sought legal counsel and I was retained as an expert witness.”

The article goes on to cite 15 epidemiological studies showing that Male Breast Cancer has been linked to exposure to high electromagnetic fields as far back as 1991.

The case of the cluster of Male Breast Cancer that Dr. Milham was called to be a witness on clearly showed an disproportionate incidence of this type of cancer in this office. The cases of Male Breast Cancer in the office were 100-fold above the norm.

Many office buildings have first floor or basement electrical rooms. The surrounding spaces will have higher than normal levels of electromagnetic fields. If someone works in an office near one of these electrical rooms, it is prudent to inform the company of the potential dangers in the hopes they will relocate these offices or look into clearing these spaces.

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