While the latest Mainstream News article on wireless radiation we reported on in our last Newsletter tells Americans any symptoms from Wifi exposure is ‘all in their heads’, various MDs around the country disagree, especially when it comes to America’s children.

Widespread Wifi in schools is becoming more common and, according to various experts and Doctors, is having a deleterious effects on our kids.

“Children are suffering disease and disability in much higher numbers than 30 years ago. Their EMF exposure is clearly a significant contributing factor.” says Toril H. Jelter, MD.

Dr. Toril H. Jelter is a general practitioner and board certified pediatrician with over 30 years of experience. She was born in Oslo, Norway and studied medicine at the University of Oslo. Dr. Jelter worked at a Mother-Child clinic and later for the Norwegian Cancer Society. After moving to the US, she trained to become a pediatrician.

In a letter addressed to the FCC in 2013, Dr. Jelter urged the Commission to re-evaluate their standards regarding safe levels of EMF exposure from both wireless technologies as well as ‘dirty electricity’. According to what Dr. Jelter sees in her medical practice in Walnut Creek. California, children are being affected by EMFs at an alarming rate.

Dr. Jelter goes on in her letter to the FCC to list various Case Studies she has documented in her own practice as evidence of the need to re-evaluate EMF safety standards, especially at children’s schools.

Here are a few of Dr.Jelter’s case studies:

A four year old boy presents at her office with his parents. His behavior is unruly. He is out of control as he rips through her office tearing blinds, screaming and turning over chairs. His parents are baffled and are at their wits’ end with the child. Dr. Jelter recommends a two week trial EMF remediation trial. This trial includes no Wifi in the home for 12 hours at night and no cordless phones in the home. It also includes clearing the EMFs coming from the home’s wiring. Within one week, the parent’s call Dr. Jelter to report that the EMF trial is working. Their son is behaving better, making better eye contact with his parents’, having back and forth conversations as well as regular bowel movements for the first time. The parent’s are elated.

A five year old body presents at her office. His parents’ report he has uncontrollable arm flapping and been diagnosed with Autism. The parents’ do not agree with the diagnosis, as when he goes to visit his grandmother in rural Tennessee, the arm flapping stops. When he returns home to San Francisco, it begins again. It is found that the grandmother in rural Tennessee has no wireless in the home and is unable to get cell phone reception, while in the parents’ home in San Fransisco wireless technology is present.

A five year old girl complains of a severe headache. At the grocery store. she takes a cold ice cream box and places it against her head for relief. She is diagnosed with a brain tumor and spends the next year in and out of hospitals. She suffers a seizure at the end of the year and dies.

A four year old boy presents at her office with sleep difficulties. He has not slept in two years. The parents gave him a Melatonin Supplement and he was able to sleep for the first time. Dr. Jelter, knowing EMFs can lower the body’s melatonin production, suggests a two week EMF remediation trial, Again, the trial includes no Wifi for 12 hours at night, no cordless phones in the home and clearing the wiring in the home’s walls. The child begins sleeping normally and no longer needs the Melatonin Supplement.

A young woman in excellent health with good pre-natal care gave birth to a child with a heart defect. During her pregnancy, she had lived across the street from a Power Substation. The bulbs in her home would constantly burst and burn-out quickly. This is a sign of ‘dirty-electricity’ or electromagnetic long frequencies (ELFs or wired EMFs) being present in a home. According to Dr. Jelter, studies have shown that exposure to ELFs contributes to birth defects.

Dr. Jelter’s Case Studies go on an on. She has repeatedly found a link between EMFs and Autism like behavior, in addition to a potential links between EMF exposure in children and cancer as well as birth defects in developing embryos.

Along with countless other physicians and scientists, Dr. Jelter is against the installation of Wifi in our children’s schools. Most people are not aware that the Wifi installed in schools in more powerful than the signal coming from a wireless modem in an average home.

On this topic, Dr. Jelter states, ”America’s children have the right to speak, sleep, behave, learn and- as adults- reproduce. Currently, we are performing large-scale experiments on America’s children without informing the children or their parents’ of the risk.”

Regardless of the findings of various physicians, Mainstream Media continues to write articles dismissing concerns about Wifi. By doing so, Mainstream Media has chosen to also dismiss studies, facts and expert opinion, which is the foundation of reporting.

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