If you’ve heard about Shungite, but wonder what is Shungite used for, you’ve come to the right place.

Shungite’s unique properties make it a useful and heavily sought-after stone. Technically, Shungite is not a stone but a mineraloid. It is made up predominantly of carbon and dates back to the Precambrian Era on earth. The Precambrian Era is the earliest part of earth’s history, according to scientists. This makes Shungite among the oldest stones on the planet, being over 2 billion years old.

Traditional societies have utilized Shungite for its health and wellness benefits for hundreds of years.

In modern times, Shungite has had documented use in agriculture, irrigation, nuclear decontamination, and to speed recovery times from surgery and injuries.

Here are some of the common uses of Shungite:

EMF Protection

Shungite rose to fame on the world stage due to its ability to protect from artificial electromagnetic frequencies. Shungite’s ability to neutralize radiation is backed by scientific studies. Studies have shown the stone’s ability to protect from high-frequency electromagnetic radiation.

The September issue of the Current Applied Physics Journal has a published study on the effects of using thin plates of Shungite to shield from EMFs. Placing Shungite Tabs on devices and setting Shungite pieces in homes and offices works to neutralize electromagnetic frequencies and radiations through the stone’s ability to transmute them using its unique carbon molecular structure.

As the study in Current Applied Physics states, “The absorbing ability of shungite is determined by the microstructure (mineral inclusions and microporosity of carbon).”

US Patent No. 6818821 was given to the Hitachi Ltd company for their Shungite based material used to absorb electromagnetic waves from technology. The Hitachi company utilize Shungite ore in a material that is then used to coat the wiring in high-frequency telecommunications devices.

Water Purification

Scientific studies back up Shungite’s use for purifying water. The stone is used in water filtration systems to remove contaminants and impurities. Heavy metals, chlorine, bacteria, and organic compounds are removed by Shungite. Shungite water filters are used for aquariums, manufactured beverages and drinking water.

The Journal of Health, Medicine and Nursing published a study in 2015 showing Shungite’s ability to purify, disinfect and activate mountain water.

Here is an excerpt from that study:

“In addition, owing to adsorption activity of shungite against pathogenic microflora shungite has strong
bactericidal properties that allow carrying out the efficient disinfection of drinking water
by this mineral in “water treatment and water purification technologies. It is observed the bactericidal activity of shungite
against pathogenic saprophytes and Protozoa.
There is evidence that after the passage of water containing bacterium E. coli, through shungite filter there is an almost complete removal of this bacterium (the viral titer varies from 2300 cells /l in initial water up to 3 cells/l in treated water) (Mosin & Ignatov, 2012). Of 1785 cells/l of protozoa (ciliates, rotifers and crustaceans) contained in the initial water after the treatment by shungite were observed only a few exemplars (5 cells/l). In addition to these qualities, shungite has biological activity.


Shungite has been found to speed up healing and recovery times. Shungite Rooms -rooms with ceilings, floor and walls made entirely of Shungite-are used in Russia and parts of Europe to help those recovering from illnesses and surgeries and are often adjuncts to hospitals.

While no published studies exist in the United States regarding the stone’s ability to increase healing in the body, there are informal studies that have been carried out in Russia showing patients who spent time in Shungite Rooms after surgeries and injuries had faster recovery times.

The principle behind this is the atmosphere created by the Shungite Rooms is rich with fullerenes and a resonance that is conducive to allowing the body to heal. Shungite is known to provide strong grounding energy through its unique ability to calibrate to the resonance of the earth. This principle is known as grounding.


This property of grounding is unique to Shungite and is attributed to the stone’s ability to conduct electricity. Shungite is electroconductive, a trait not shared by any other crystal, stone or mineraloid. Due to its unique electroconductive properties, Shungite connects our bodies to the resonance of the earth. This property is called grounding, and it can help our bodies become stronger and more balanced, hence increasing healing and well-being.

Grounding is often ‘felt’ in the body as a stronger energy around the pelvic floor and the soles of the feet.


Water infused with Shungite can be used to wash the hair and skin to enhance youthfulness and beauty. Shungite’s powerful fullerenes act as master anti-oxidants, reducing inflammation and quenching free-radicals to help keep both skin and hair hydrated, elastic, and youthful. Shungite’s antioxidant properties have been studied in the Oxidative Medicine and Cellular Longevity Journal.

Research Science

Shungite’s naturally occuring fullerenes have attracted interest from scientists and researchers who are applying them towards advances in nanotechnology and medicine.

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