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Shungite benefits are many, but the money to fund shungite benefits are not! Studies are very expensive. Because Shungite is a naturally occurring stone, it can not be patented. Large corporations are not too interested in plunging millions of dollars into studies that they can’t possibly recoup on. So, while there are still a good number of global published studies on Shungite, the majority of studies on Shungite come from Russia, where Shungite is found.

Russian Studies

True Shungite is found in only one place on earth, that place is Russia. While there are other black stones that resemble Shungite that are mined from India, Pakistan and China, they are not Shungite and they do not possess any of the benefits that real Shungite does.

Shungite and Russia’s heritage of folk medicine go hand and hand. In fact, there are written accounts of Shungite being used in Russia for health and healing that date back as far as the 1500s. Some of these early accounts involve the use of Shungite Water.

Today, Shungite still plays quite a large role in Russia’s society. It is currently used for water purification for agriculture, to decontaminate radiation from water, and it is employed as an agent used to quicken healing and recovery times in Russian Hospitals.

As you can see, Shungite is a valuable natural resource for Russia. It helps them grow their food, clean up radioactive contamination and help their population heal. Because of all the benefits Shungite brings to Russian life, the Russian Academy of Sciences focuses on learning more about this stone through research and studies.

Valuable Graphene Source

Consisting of high amounts of the element carbon, Shungite is a valuable source of graphene. Graphene is defined as being a single layer of graphite. It is over 200 times stronger than steel and is able to conduct electricity.

Graphene was discovered in 2004 at the University of Manchester, which is a public research university in England. Being flexible, highly conductive and non-toxic, scientists are looking to use it to replace silica in solar panels and in computer chips. They are also looking into using it in screens and as an oral transport for medication, as it is non-toxic.

It is able to conduct electricity faster and in a stronger fashion than silica, which is the current element of choice for technology. There are not too many natural sources of graphene. Shungite is one of them.

Powerful Antioxidant

Carbon alone is not considered to be a powerful antioxidant. But, carbon in the form of fullerenes is.

Fullerenes are any series of hollow carbon molecules that form a closed cage in the shape of a sphere or a cylinder.

They have been found in studies to stop oxidation and prevent the process of aging.

Fullerenes antioxidant properties have been shown to be among the most effective for mitochondria respiration. In other words, they specifically work to stop the oxidation that happens when we synthesize energy in our mitochondria.

Mitochondria are the batteries of our cells. They power our bodies and they can become damaged over time by toxins. We want to preserve our mitochondria so we can preserve our energy.

Fullerenes have been found in studies to do just this. Shungite is one of the only natural sources of Fullerenes found on the planet.

Free Radical Scavengers

Studies on Shungite have found it to be able to scavenge free radicals. By adding an electron to them, Shungite brings them back to a stable molecule with a neutral charge.

This is how all antioxidants work. They donate an electron to a molecule to make it stable again. Vitamin C does this.

Shungite’s ability to do this seems to be stronger. As it can actually stop free radical damage caused by nuclear radiation. Most antioxidants, like Vitamin C, can not do this.

This is why you won’t see governments dumping tons of Vitamin C onto radioactive waste. Its antioxidant properties are not strong enough to remedy those types of free radicals.

Shungite can remove radiation from water. It is that powerful an antioxidant.

EMF Protection

Through free radical scavenging, Shungite protects from electromagnetic frequencies. It donates an electron and stops the production of free radicals that are being created by the radiation.

When Shungite is placed in an environment, it does this very same thing. This is how it can be used to protect from EMFs and RF radiation. It consistently donates electrons and neutralizes the charges.

Shungite is over 2 billion years old. But, the stone will continue to donate electrons because it is electroconductive and regenerative. While it doesn’t generate electricity, it is a conductor of electricity, so ti constantly regenerates itself.

Electricity is in the atmosphere and can be harnessed. This was what Nikola Tesla was working on. He believed energy could be free, as it was ever present in the air and could be harnessed to do work.

Activated Carbon Replacement

We all know of the use of Activated Carbon to filter both water and air.

Shungite can be used as an alternative to Activated Carbon. It is very powerful in its adsorptive properties. Like healing clays, it can pull toxic substances into its hollow bodied molecules. Unlike clays, it can then filter them through the Carbon and purify them.

Shungite has been found to remove both organic and inorganic pollutants from water. These include heavy metals and pathogenic bacteria and viruses.

Unlike Other Stones & Crystals

Shungite is not like other stones and crystals. Its benefits lie strictly in its composition and structure, including its unique ability to conduct electricity.

It is capable of providing a remedy for today’s modern pollutants of wireless radiation and 5G. This ancient stone seems to be the answer to the health ramifications of the new Digital Era. There are few materials capable of neutralizing harmful EMFs and radiations. Shungite has been shown to do this through its systematic ability to purify and filter using a unique form of Carbon. No need to ‘program’ or to ‘visualize’. Shungite benefits are inherent in the stone. This makes it very special, and unlike other stones and rystals.

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